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About Us

About Us
Huge requirement of Medical Smart Office ( Complete Hospital Management System ) in a India has made Deepthisoft as one of the best company selling HMS. Deepthisoft has a client base exceeding 200 till date and the number is multiplying at a tremendous rate every day. With more than half of the clients being top notch Medium Multi Speciality Nursing Home of TELANAGANA, INDIA.

DeepthiSoft has versatile range of products for satisfying different clients and their different specific needs and ongoing requirements.

Deepthisoft tends to deliver with the best quality, optimum prices and sound commitments. Deepthisoft has always learnt to be accountable to its clients against all its deliveries and deployments. Zest to put maximum effort for the execution of its products and services, DeepthiSoft win the trust of its clients.

Medical Smart Office (MSO) is an application that provides automated, hands-on analysis, compares trending results and user-defined custom analysis tool. A must tool for any Maternity Hospital or Nursing Home or Mutlispeciality Hospital.

Deepthisoft pays tributes to all Mothers with development of this software as it provides the basic and critical information for the doctors to keep track of the pregnant and gynecology Patients.

Here in case of maternity, a doctor is consulted right from conception till the child is few years old. Thus Making a necessity for a doctor to keep track of the patient Data for longer duration with neonatal information, probably for more than 3 years till the child is well set for normal growth.

To help the doctors at Maternity Hospital and Nursing Homes, DeepthiSoft with its long drawn research has developed this particular software that can take care of the data records with outmost security and as well update the information. Further to this the additional features listed here will help you to understand the need for installing this software in your business for enhancing the patient satisfaction and to develop a stronger relationship with your patients and simultaneously keep on pace with stringent needs at your administration at your hospital.

Today’s world belongs to Information Technology. Information is worthwhile only if can be accessed at the right time, by the right person & is useful for the purpose defined. The purpose of this module is to provide you all the information; you need about the working of your hospital. This is an important tool to control and effectively manage the entire operation in the hospital in a very efficient manner and take it to the path of growth.

We have Hundreds of reports covering all aspects & departments of the Hospital. These reports are so designed that you can have the same information in many formats, sizes, fields and output method. All reports are available for Draft, Windows as well as HTML format. You can also have reports for any flexible duration, User, Payment mode, Department, Consultant, panel, etc...
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