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What is Hospital Management Software (HMS) ?

Hospital Management Software (HMS) has been developed to use in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Health Clinics and Medical Institutes to make the record keeping process of all the patients’ medical details or other Billing Information easier and accessible.

It is designed to be used by different users of the management to easily keep and update all the details of every admitted patient and enables to track the same for coordinating with other divisions since from admission to till their discharge process. Doctors and other taking care members can also easily access these details to check the status of each patient.

It facilitates and improves the process of patient care via the generation of electronic medical records. It helps to manage information for all the healthcare-related activities such as planning, coordination, monitoring, and decision making for management of hospitals and nursing homes.

Why Computer Help in Health Care Sector ?

Medical Professionals such as medical directors spend undue time and attention in managing routine administrative chores, leaving inadequate time to solve medical and clinical problems.

Hospital loose a certain ( 2% - 5 % ) of their revenue from paying patients because of service / materials not being correctly billed.  This in time reflects adversely in their ability to provide free service

Hospitals can reduce their expenditure on drugs, medical supplies, test kits, x-ray films etc by at least 10% by proper inventory control

Costly medical equipment is often under-utilized or even unused because of inadequate monitoring of maintenance and capacity utilization

Nursing care can be very much facilitated if paper work is reduced.  Test, Drug, Diet requisitions are automatic an up to date patient data is available.

Medical audit, epidemiological analysis, community surveys, medical education and research are done with much ease and in a structural way.

Benefits of computerization in Health Care Sector

Efficient Procedures and methods executed, duplication of efforts, delays and errors minimized.

Better Patient Service, Better Test Results, administration of medicines and nursing care.

Control of costs, control of wastages, updated revenue expenditure, clerical staff will be reduced.

Better Utilization of facilities, bed occupancy, vehicle use, OT’s and equipment.

Elimination of revenue losses in Billing, follow up on payments due.

Better Nursing care reduces paper work and use of nursing personnel.

Meaning full medical audit and research maintains the medical standards.

Efficient and informed management action keeps better planning, organizing coordinating, monitoring, controlling and evaluating of staff.

For Buying Medical Software…..

If you have large number of patients in the outdoor, the software should be fast with minimal number of essential entries required about each patient and minimal key strokes used so that it does not waste your time and prolong your disposal of patients.

The Software should be able to easily load any number of times without any special requirements like key diskettes or jumbling on your hard disc.  Because if you later upgrade your system, change your hard disc, you should not have to run to the software developer to help you out and to make more money for such help software can easily have your name encrypted in the copy so that other cannot use it and thus free copying and distribution is prevented.

* It should be user friendly and acceptable by wider range of practice patterns and conditions

* Indoor and outdoor modules should e different otherwise the software becomes to bulky.

* It can have integrated accounts which should be transferable to other accounting packages.

* The database of the package should be modifiable, importable and exportable to the usual data base software, like mysql network edition

Proposed System

The main objective of this system is to save the time and to get rid of the errors.  An additional benefit of the new system is to get more accurate information as it does not allow the duplications.

Specific Objectives

In order to achieve the most efficient system.   A database will be maintained holding the complete information about all entries, software documents etc.

All duplications of data entry should be eliminated

Entire manual searching of the database should be eliminated

Specific details about the patients should be retrieved

Data Security

By reducing overhead in manpower, stationery and storage space and by increasing transaction speed, computerization multiplies the profitability of the institution.  Hence it leads to increased customer satisfaction and reputation of the institution.

The major part of computerization is selection of reliable software. Suitable hardware and qualified operating personnel are the other requirements. As the software has to be used for several years, the relationship between the hospital management and the software developer should be long term. The developer must have the capability of undertaking the project from start to completion. They have to give advices and guidelines in selection and installation of proper hardware and have to impart training to staff.  Also they have to extend support in enhancing and modifying the system as per future requirements.

Once a dependable software developer is identified, empower them by giving the authority to execute the computerization. Frequently communicate with them to make the automation system a correct fit to the hospital system and procedures.
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