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Why Deepthi Soft

About Us
Why DeepthiSoft ?

we have established a professional service philosophy of "getting the job done right" that permeates everything we do.

  • Ensure that all our work concentrates on customer success and satisfaction.
  • Encourage flexibility in understanding and meeting customer requirements - by emphasizing a customer-focused culture with a common, supportive corporate goal and   objectives.
  • Bring together the right blend of people and technology to produce useful results quickly and economically.
  • Use systems integration approach to all problems, ensuring thorough analysis of the individual elements as part of a larger whole - allowing us to manage effectively the     risks associated with complex projects.
  • Recognize that costs, risks, and outcomes are the primary focus of our customers - our solutions make a difference.
  • To be a respected, competitive, profitable business, recognized as a leader in the professional services industry.


  • Make our customers successful through focused, quality products and services.
  • Increase the value of DeepthiSoft by increasing revenues and profitability as reflected in returns.
  • Take care of our people by providing professional development opportunities and an enabling work environment.
  • Exploit technology  by experimenting with and using technology to improve our business potential.
  • Manage our company by adapting and adopting effective, efficient business practices.
  • Be good citizens  through activities that support our local communities and the Nation.


DeepthiSoft  provides services for complete software solutions, web design and development solutions for start-up to well established organizations. We are aware that every project is unique and there is no singular approach or solution that is appropriate for every client. DeepthiSoft has the flexibility and responsiveness to accommodate its diverse client base and their various challenges (existing technologies, branding issues, future goals, etc.). We, at Deepthisoft, gather as much information as possible prior to providing a detailed proposal and schedule. This allows us to be consistently on time and within the estimated budget. The process is tailored to the services required by the client and specified in the proposal. For a summary of our process, please check out our Strategy, Design and Production Section.


We do provide a very professional and long term project strategy before starting our client job and thus we follow a few simple rules to make an efficient strategy to meet the client's necessity.

  • Analysis of client's requirements and goal.

  • Understanding client's internal department needs.

  • Analysis of current online/offline efforts.

  • Analysis of client's current branding/marketing status.

  • Understanding various target audiences of the client.

  • Gauging short/mid/long-term objectives.

  • Set strategic objectives and establish a plan for them.


DeepthiSoft Software Solutions has it's own designing team to provide innovative, meaningful and singular designing layout for your application system and web site designing. For getting an efficient layout for our clients we

  • Design site architecture.
  • Explore various design layouts (look/feel, imagery, formatting, etc.)
  • Explore various site flow possibilities (content placement, interface construction, etc.)
  • Explore various navigation possibilities (architecture, interactivity, etc.)
  • Explore possible application development and interactivity.
  • Review and refine the layout.


DeepthiSoftware  can provide complete Design and Development Solutions for Internet/intranet sites and software applications.  

We Produce:

  • Design production (graphics, navigation).
  • Multimedia production (flash, audio/video streaming media etc.).
  • Content implementation (static or dynamic).
  • Application development and software implementation (e-commerce, forms, etc.)
  • Interactivity development and production (database integration, personalization, etc.)
  • Testing (various browsers, bandwidth environments, etc.).
  • Delivery and maintenance.
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