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Hospital Automation software projects applicable from
Small Clinics to Multi / Super Specialty hospitals

Are you a Doctor or a Hospital Director / Administrator ?

Are you looking for...

   a) complete/Partial computerization of your
       Hospital/Medical Profession?

   b) computerizing your Patient-care system introducing
       EMR (Electronic Medical Records)?

   c) making your Medical Profession, High-Tech with BARCODE and Paper-Less?

   d) revamping your existing system by replacing your old software
       with a Professionally-built one, without loosing  current patient database?

If YES to any, you have reached the right place!         Readmore...
Medical Smart Office
Medical Smart Office is an advanced comprehensive Hospital Information & Management System, which integrates all the HMS systems, processes and machines to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist organizations in decision-making through MIS & analytics, enabling hospitals and doctors to serve patients better.
The main aim of Medical Smart Office is to create a hospital that is paperless. It is also aimed at developing and maintaining the day-to-day activites like admission of IP & OP, discharge of patients, list of doctors, reports generation, HR & Payroll etc. The system provides excellent security of data at every level and also reliable Storage and Cloud Backup facilities.
The highly innovative, advanced and unique features offered by Medical Smart Office come at a very affordable price, making it incomparable with any conventional HMS softwares in the market. Also, The artificial business intelligence & analytics capabilities make it unique, while process flows are in complete compliance with NABH standards.
Some Important factors why MEDICAL SMART OFFICE is better choice over the software :

  • Effective Search Facility
  • Interface with BARCODE & QRCODE
  • Error free and high level of comfort and convenience.
  • Built-in validation checks affer protection against inadvertent mistakes.
  • Accessibility options  follow a logical pattern thus raising comfort levels and convenience.
  • The intuitive "Point-and-click" design of MSO is quickly adopted by medical and office staff alike.
  • In very few clicks monitor the progress of your Patients
  • You don't have to spend months  learning MSO or reading long help manuals to get started.
  • MSO is backed with an intelligent and experienced support team who assist you from Day 1.
  • It can be customised to your learning speed and at your  convenience
  • Highly skilled Software Team under the constant guidance of Medical Experts
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